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Can Cutting Alcohol Result in Weight Loss

Drinking alcohol is a favorite thing to do for everyone especially when there are occasions to celebrate. Others also take alcohol drinking as their pastime.

Specific studies recommend that alcohol is beneficial to one’s health. Moreover, red wine is the best example as it can lower your risk for heart disease.

However, alcohol takes a significant role as well in weight management. Anybody trying to shed those undesirable pounds may need to consider skipping their glass of wine in the evening.

Giving up alcohol is a major adjustment, however, can be attainable for some people, making it simple cutting the calories in the system and eventually lose weight. The precise amount of weight loss that stopping to drink alcoholic beverages is going to bring, and how quickly it is going to provide results are dependent on several factors such as your complete dietary consumption and how much you are exercising.

Alcohol and Body Weight

Studies on whether alcohol escalates the risk for weight gain is contradictory; however, there is an article released in the past showing that it can be a risk factor, at least in some people like the heavy drinkers. There is also another data published that alcohol consumption may cause a minor growth in body weight, with these growths becoming more probable as the amount and rate of alcohol consumption growth.

If you know for a fact that alcohol is somehow causing you to gain extra pounds, by the time you stop, it is a then a lot easier to lose weight.

Stop Drinking Alcohol to Lose Weight

The intake of alcohol whichever before or during meals be likely to upsurge the number of calories used up during the meal, thus not consuming alcohol around meals may allow you to cut sufficient calories from your diet so you can lose weight.

Alcohol calories possibly affect weight in individuals who don’t drink habitually or in those who are obese or essentially those people who consume a high-fat type of diet. People who belong in these particular categories are most probably to experience significant weight loss benefits by the time they quit ingesting alcoholic drinks.

Calories in Alcoholic Beverages

The fundamental step to lose extra weight is to burn more calories rather than eating a lot. Substituting the alcoholic beverages, you usually drink with few or zero calorie beverages such as pure water or lemon water, unsweetened tea or black coffee can help you generate the essential calorie insufficiency.

Reducing about 500 calories every day lets you lose approximately a pound per week, as every pound comprises about 3,500 calories.

Quitting Alcohol and Weight Loss

The calories you ingest from alcohol, even you are just a moderate drinker can influence your endeavors at weight loss. According to a reliable resource, moderate drinking is described as one shot or less each night for females, and two shots or less a night for males.

Reliant on what beverage you consume, those calories can add to a thousand more calories each week. We usually drink up more than a single shot of alcohol without even realizing it. A solo shot of red or white wine, for instance, is only five ounces.

Several restaurants serve six or eight ounce glasses of wine. If you are drinking at home, you might not know that your wine glass can hold about four times that amount. Can you still remember the last time you checked the exact amount of wine you poured in your glass?

If your drinking practices go further than habits, it can be a serious concern. Binge drinking is well-defined as five or more drinks for males or four or more for females in a short time.

How Effective is Contouring After Weight Loss?

The body contouring process after any major weight loss surgery can help in improving the tone and shape of the underlying tissues, which supports fat and your skin and thus removes an extra amount of skin and fat.

Not everyone who has lost loads of their weight would require body contouring surgery, while the experts are also seen claims that it doesn’t need for the entire body. A much would depend upon the factors like age, genetics, and amount of sun exposure your skin gets. If you are not satisfied with the way you appear, you may not need this process after the surgery. Now, let’s check how effective this process can be after the weight loss.

Is Body Contouring Right for you?

Generally, the body contouring after weight loss surgery simply enhances the tone and shape of the underlying tissues, which often supports a good amount of fat over your skin along with removing excess amount of sagging fat and skin. In order to make the process of contouring process effective, you need to fulfill the following parameters, which are as under:

  • Adults falling in any age group giving a stable weight loss
  • Healthy individuals who are not known for the medical conditions facing impair healing or having an increased amount of risk for surgery.
  • You are a non-smoker
  • People with a positive outlook and having realistic kind of objectives for what the body contouring can achieve
  • If you are committed to following a healthy lifestyle including having a right fitness and nutrition

Key Facts to Check before you opt for Contouring after Weight Loss

The decision whether or not you should go for contouring is completely personal and you need to decide whether the benefits you achieve your objectives or if the risks or complications you have are acceptable or not. The following are the possible body contouring risks when you get them after the weight loss:

  • You can get unfavorable scarring
  • You may get Bleeding or hematoma
  • Find a couple of Infection
  • Get Fluid accumulation
  • Poor wound healing
  • Bad Skin loss
  • Experience Blood clots
  • Numbness or another kind of changes in skin sensation
  • Can have Anaesthesia risks
  • Face skin discoloration or prolonged swelling
  • Fatty tissues seen deep in the skin could die
  • Experience certain major wound separation
  • Asymmetry and Recurrent looseness of skin
  • Some amount of Pain
  • Can experience deep vein thrombosis along with cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • May experience Persistent swelling over the legs and
  • The possibility of having revision surgery

Once your doctor checks your conditions and finds yourself better in terms of the above risks, he or she will suggest you go for the surgery.

Has the Contouring a Long Lasting Effects?

The result after having the procedure of contouring weight loss can be instantly seen over your body. However, this can retain for a couple of years with not more than two years over your body. In order to get the best results, you need a complete contouring procedure.

You may find the visible scars remaining over the face, however, the overall result over the body can be seen long lasting provided you are able to maintain a stable kind of weight and keep the general fitness okay. As you find your body aging up, it would be obvious to see it losing some amount of firmness from it. However, a majority of the initial improvement should be seen as relatively permanent.


The result of body contouring process after having a major weight loss would depend upon conditions you face in your body.  You need to sit and discuss with your surgeon and go for it. Usually, it is effective after the weight loss surgery, yet it would depend on a couple of factors as discussed above.


Do Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Pills Work?

Many are asking if OTC or over-the-counter weight loss pills work. Unluckily, scientific research has not verified such statements. These weight loss pills belong in the category of dietary supplements, and not drugs. Based on FDA regulations, no one has to ascertain that it works.

When we talk about weight loss, there is no scarcity of pills, supplements, and drinks appealing to help shed off extra weight. These weight loss pills may comprise one or more active ingredients that escalate fat burning, reduce appetite, or decrease absorption of fat.

No weight loss pills and supplements are equal. There are specific pills that may cause undesirable side effects while others do not recognize to help in losing weight.

When trying to lose weight, you must set realistic expectations. There’s no way to have a magic bullet for losing weight. It usually happens step by step with passion and determination. Moreover, there is nothing more effective method to lose weight than eating a healthy low-calorie diet and doing regular exercises and workouts.

Nowadays, there are a lot of weight loss tools used by those individuals who want to lose weight. These tools include weight loss pills (prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs), herbal products or some dietary supplements.

It’s realistic to assume that prescription weight loss pills may be advantageous; however, they are never magical. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. There are visible results over time, but not a guarantee that everyone is going to see the same effect as it’s always going to vary.

Understanding Claims on Weight Loss Supplements

When specific weight loss pills are introduced in the market and claimed to be useful for losing weight, it is necessary to gather information about clinical evidence to prove such a claim. If there is no clinical research information, then let’s conclude it’s only an assumption. Never right away decide to buy such weight loss pills. You must first consult your health care provider, or do your research. There are lots of information available online, see evidence for yourself.

Research First Before You Buy

It’s highly essential to research when you are considering trying these over-the-counter weight loss pills. You can see this information online from the Office of Dietary Supplements.

The Natural Medicines database recaps research concerning weight loss pills and herbal products. Though information from the Natural Medicines database is accessible only when you pay for a subscription, you might try to access it in a public library.

Include Your Doctor In Your Weight Loss Plans

Before taking these weight loss pills, it’s essential to speak with your doctor first most especially if you have underlying health issues, or you are taking prescription drugs, pregnant or a breastfeeding mom. It’s also vital to seek information on potential interactions with your present consumption of medicine, or else vitamins and minerals. Your health care provider can as well advise losing weight, give you support, monitor your development or else recommend you to a dietitian.

Weight Loss Supplements vs. Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss supplements and weight loss pills are different, and they use a various mechanism to help the user shed pounds. Some of them may able to reduce one’s appetite or escalate the rate wherein the body burn out the calories.

You can only take weight loss pills with a prescription from a physician. These pills help the user shed weight in a different technique than what weight and diet supplements do.

If any of your weight loss regimens don’t work faster, never lose faith. Just continue having a healthy lifestyle by consuming fruits and vegetables at each meal, and be physically active. Losing weight is a long journey after all.





Don’t Deny Yourself, Indulge Yourself and Lose Weight

I was about to deliver my daughter after excruciating 60 hours of labor, the doctors decided that there is no other way except to do a C-section and I wanted to have a normal delivery, felt so bad. Before I could even get a hold of my emotions the doctor asked me what was my weight before conceiving. I told him 178 pounds and he said “so you were overweight, to begin with”

I was mortified, I thought that my weight except for maybe glares, awful comments, could never affect anymore but today it did.  Finally, after the C-section, I had the baby in my arms and everyone told me that you lose weight while breastfeeding.

Nothing happened I remained still the same. A year passed and maybe I lost 6-8 pounds nothing more. I was weighing 170 pounds for my height of 5 feet 2 inches, which is quite overweight.

There is something that caught my eye while I would go out for a walk; most of the fat parents had fat kids. No, I am not any fat-hater or fat-bully or whatever but its just something I don’t want to be and certainly, absolutely never for my daughter. Then one day I decided I will lose this weight I have once and for all.

After all these years I am done being this size my size was maybe 16. I am tired of feeling fat, being the fattest and I am tired of never fitting in good clothes.  So I started my journey taking baby steps:

  • Start going out: If you are doing a job good for you, if you are a stay at home please go out. There is no better way to at least get your mind off by talking to people.
  • Try to be in a crowd where people are slim: As superficial as it sounds, it will always work. Nobody says a word or talks about weight but you will feel it that you need to do something about your weight.
  • Do you really need that whole cookie/brownie? Sometimes I really crave that chocolaty taste for which I buy brownies. The size of cookies and brownies is really big; nobody needs such a big cookie. So eat a little and maybe rest you can share with friends?
  • Don’t make tempting foods: I love sweets and I love baking however I bake whenever there is a party or if I have friends over for dinner or tea. I know I will eat them so I keep very few pieces at home that too I ask my husband to hide them and give me only when we have tea. Poor him he is the bad guy!!
  • Don’t try to compromise the flavor of what you crave and yes I really, really mean it. When you crave a brownie, eat the brownie you like just eat a small piece. I have tried several low fat, high protein, low carb brownies and it never satisfied me. When you are eating a small piece eat the one that makes you happy.
  • Start gradually: The most important reason why people fall off the wagon or give up so easily is that they don’t believe in an intermediate or the transient stage. You have eaten let’s say ice cream all your life, you cant change your taste buds to like yogurt with honey on it in a day. You just can’t!! When I started, I ate a half piece of brownie, as I am a chocoholic, every single day. Then I gradually reduced to eating once in a week, in a month and now I think the last piece I had was like 3 months ago or so.
  • Don’t go for artificial options: All these low-fat, 2% fat I never buy. I believe my ancestors ate what nature gave them and nature gave them fats. I am sure that must be for a reason right?
  • Start exercising duh!!!! I know that’s like so common but its true. You need to exercise, not just for weight loss but to feel good and jazzy!!! Please don’t start with a hard exercise, start with what is comfortable for you. If you don’t want don’t do it every day also. No worries.
  • Eat at right times: It’s the toughest one to crack as after dinner, sitting on a couch within a couple of hours we crave something fatty and most of the times at least for me, sugar. There is a trick: boil some eggs or eat some chocolate chips. Eggs are filling and chips are really satisfying.
  • When you crave chocolate just eat the chocolate It’s the truth. Chocolate is definitely fatty as it has fats and sugar I agree, still its much better than eating a brownie or a cookie. Try to eat a piece of 70%, I have friends who can eat 100% and see if you crave more. Cookie and brownies are the worst combinations as they have flour, butter, sugar to the extra fattiness of chocolate. Eat the chocolate in its pure glory works like a charm!!!!!!
  • Try Lentils Since I am a vegetarian lentil and beans make a great deal of my diet, having a hearty bowl of lentil soup makes me go so much farther.
  • Always share I always share my food especially with my daughter. In that way, she loves to eat what I eat and we have such a strong bond. She gets to eat more and I less. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Keep your mind busy Whenever I feel bored I tend to munch I am sure you get the same feeling too. Nowadays whenever I get that feeling I start to squat or drink green tea. It works really well for me.
  • Try to incorporate as many healthy calories as you can The word healthy and unhealthy now have skewed demarcation. For me, I don’t mind adding butter to my soup rather than having another bowl of soup. If I am having my meal I would like to enjoy it as much as I can.
  • Try eating out as little as you can yes it’s really important. I know most of us are tired, have no energy but that’s not as an excuse to not nourish yourselves. Prepare a salad first before making dinner or boil some beans the night ahead so that as soon as you enter the home, rather than tossing a frozen pizza in the oven or shoveling down the donuts you picked on your way home (you better don’t) you have already filled yourself a bit.
  • If you love sugar eat pancakes for dinner I know sounds ridiculous but it works. No these are not ordinary pancakes. The flour is red millet, the syrup is honey just 1 tbsp, cooked in butter with 1 tbsp of ice cream and six chocolate chips. Tastes like heaven and its dessert and dinner in one. How about that?????
  • I never have soft drinks or juice That’s true I have no taste for them as I noticed you can put on a lot of weight with juices. Most of my friends keep guzzling juice like water. If you really crave juice squeeze some lime in ice cold water and drink it, it tastes divine.

So now you know how I did it. I realized that the key to losing weight is to indulge yourself, the more you deny yourself the more you will crave. You need to take it one day at a time, share with people and eat small portions. I followed the above points, so far lost 45 pounds and I am still planning on losing 20 more. Good luck.

Easy Eating Habits for a Flatter Tummy

People who are doing a daily job or having a business in which they need to sit throughout the day are having problems in getting a flatter tummy. Because of their busy schedules, they have no time to perform physical activities, such as walking, running, yoga, and exercise which is causing them to have a larger tummy.

Getting rid of excess weight and keeping a flat tummy is not an easy task. Even if you consume a healthy diet and take time to exercise, it’s still hard to lose weight.

Having a “diet and exercise” regimen is essential in losing weight. However, people often forget to emphasize the diet part of the routine because it’s a lot easier to eat whatever you like and consider working it off at the gym.

But, that’s not exactly how your body works. The kind of foods you eat matters and your eating habits can affect how your body figure looks and how you feel about yourself every day.

It’s essential to evaluate your eating habits and do a regular exercise to reduce excess weight.

Giving attention to these few details can aid in toning your stomach, and getting a sexier and healthier body by the time you improve your eating habits.

Here are some eating habits to have a flatter tummy:

1. Add Diuretics to your meal.

The best diuretic that is easy always available in your kitchen is Lemon. You can this in each of your meal. Lemon juice is a perfect alternative for a flatter tummy. You can incorporate Lemon directly into your food, or you may add up lemon juice into your daily meals.

2. Increase your water intake.

There are times that you will eat real food even your body is craving only for water. Hence, make sure to have more fluid intake every day so you can cut down on the calories you eat. Water also makes you feel even fuller.

3.  Eat slowly and chew your food carefully.

Give yourself enough time to chew your food thoroughly to avoid bloating. Practice the habit of chewing your food 20 times before swallowing. The faster you swallow your foods, the greater the amount of air will enter your system which will lead to having a bloated stomach.

4. Consume foods which are high in fiber.

When you include more fiber into your meals every day, your body is going to take in lesser fat. Fiber is essential to the digestive health, slowing down your cravings for food and any sweets. You should by now begin eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, beans, and entirely ditch those unhealthy kinds of foods in your diet. Also, incorporate enough amount of protein in your meals.

5. Eat Salad.

If you wish to have a flatter belly, then you must have to take fewer calories, which merely means that you have to eat less food. Thus, before taking your lunch or dinner, get enough amount of salad as this is going to reduce your hunger and make your tummy flatter.

6. Limit the amount of salt in your diet.

Consuming a high amount of sodium is not good for your health. Salt allows your body to retain more water, leading to having more weight. Always pick low-sodium meals over foods that have too many herbs and spices.

7. Use chopsticks when eating.

When you eat your food through the use of chopsticks, you are going to have smaller bites, hence having more time to chew and feel full sooner.