How Effective is Contouring After Weight Loss?

The body contouring process after any major weight loss surgery can help in improving the tone and shape of the underlying tissues, which supports fat and your skin and thus removes an extra amount of skin and fat.

Not everyone who has lost loads of their weight would require body contouring surgery, while the experts are also seen claims that it doesn’t need for the entire body. A much would depend upon the factors like age, genetics, and amount of sun exposure your skin gets. If you are not satisfied with the way you appear, you may not need this process after the surgery. Now, let’s check how effective this process can be after the weight loss.

Is Body Contouring Right for you?

Generally, the body contouring after weight loss surgery simply enhances the tone and shape of the underlying tissues, which often supports a good amount of fat over your skin along with removing excess amount of sagging fat and skin. In order to make the process of contouring process effective, you need to fulfill the following parameters, which are as under:

  • Adults falling in any age group giving a stable weight loss
  • Healthy individuals who are not known for the medical conditions facing impair healing or having an increased amount of risk for surgery.
  • You are a non-smoker
  • People with a positive outlook and having realistic kind of objectives for what the body contouring can achieve
  • If you are committed to following a healthy lifestyle including having a right fitness and nutrition

Key Facts to Check before you opt for Contouring after Weight Loss

The decision whether or not you should go for contouring is completely personal and you need to decide whether the benefits you achieve your objectives or if the risks or complications you have are acceptable or not. The following are the possible body contouring risks when you get them after the weight loss:

  • You can get unfavorable scarring
  • You may get Bleeding or hematoma
  • Find a couple of Infection
  • Get Fluid accumulation
  • Poor wound healing
  • Bad Skin loss
  • Experience Blood clots
  • Numbness or another kind of changes in skin sensation
  • Can have Anaesthesia risks
  • Face skin discoloration or prolonged swelling
  • Fatty tissues seen deep in the skin could die
  • Experience certain major wound separation
  • Asymmetry and Recurrent looseness of skin
  • Some amount of Pain
  • Can experience deep vein thrombosis along with cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • May experience Persistent swelling over the legs and
  • The possibility of having revision surgery

Once your doctor checks your conditions and finds yourself better in terms of the above risks, he or she will suggest you go for the surgery.

Has the Contouring a Long Lasting Effects?

The result after having the procedure of contouring weight loss can be instantly seen over your body. However, this can retain for a couple of years with not more than two years over your body. In order to get the best results, you need a complete contouring procedure.

You may find the visible scars remaining over the face, however, the overall result over the body can be seen long lasting provided you are able to maintain a stable kind of weight and keep the general fitness okay. As you find your body aging up, it would be obvious to see it losing some amount of firmness from it. However, a majority of the initial improvement should be seen as relatively permanent.


The result of body contouring process after having a major weight loss would depend upon conditions you face in your body.  You need to sit and discuss with your surgeon and go for it. Usually, it is effective after the weight loss surgery, yet it would depend on a couple of factors as discussed above.


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